Our team at CREAT is thrilled to have been part of the groundbreaking journey with Mercedes-Benz on the development and production of the exterior lighting for the VISION EQXX showcar – the most efficient Mercedes-Benz ever created.

The VISION EQXX is a marvel in electric mobility, pushing boundaries in range and efficiency. With a single battery charge, it can cover over 1,000 kilometers, embodying the epitome of efficiency, sustainability, and luxury in the world of electric vehicles.

Let’s have a closer look at the project details, were aesthetics and optimized weight were the main objectives during engineering:

• Both the front and the rear consist of a set of three lamps to allow for continuously lit signatures
• The DRL, POSITION and INDICATOR front signaling functions consist of a combination of lightguide + thickwall optics + pillow optics
• MFR reflectors together with a pillowed inner lens is the basis for the rear functions TAIL, STOP/CHMSL and INDICATOR
• On the electronics side animation-capability got implemented utilizing the segmented optical design of the rear signaling functions
• Product development and fabrication has been done in a way to get ECE approved